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Exchange your old oral irrigator from
any manufacturer for a NEW one!

Aquapick AQ-120


It is highly popular because it fulfills multiple functions
in oral hygiene compared to a regular electric toothbrush.

Aquapick AQ-350

Home-Use Oral Irrigator

The AQ-350 oral irrigator is an easy way
to start cleaning the spaces between teeth.

Aquapick AQ-208

A telescopic portable water flosser, your travel partner.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can use it wherever you need,
efficiently storing it in your cosmetic bag, purse, or pocket.

Aquapick - Advanced Oral Hygiene System.


Oral Irrigators

Discover the power and benefits of the oral irrigator – an innovative device for cutting-edge oral care.


Electric toothbrushes

Enjoy a superior brushing experience with the Aquapick sonic electric toothbrush, an advanced device that revolutionizes oral hygiene.



Discover a range of accessories and start transforming your oral hygiene routine into a pleasant and efficient experience.

The most popular

Portable water flosser
1500 MDL
Portable water flosser
1500 MDL
Portable water flosser
1500 MDL
Stationary water flosser
1990 MDL
Portable water flosser
1500 MDL

We are always attentive
to our customers

Natalia Zalisetchi

I recently purchased the Oral Irrigator, and it is very useful for those who wear braces. I confidently recommend it!

Vezi mesajul original
Sofia Gaidampas

Two months ago, I purchased a portable oral irrigator, and I consider it the best investment for my health. 💯

Vezi mesajul original
Pavel Ludmila Gaidampas

The oral irrigator has already become an indispensable item for my dental care. I confidently recommend it!

Vezi mesajul original
Ludmila Gomoja-Popa

Popa – I highly recommend it 👍 Quality 👍

Vezi mesajul original
Irina Gaidampas

I am grateful to the dentist for recommending this product, specifically from this brand. It’s worth every penny!

Vezi mesajul original
Gheorghe Nani

I confidently recommend it 👍👍👍

Vezi mesajul original
Cristina Arsenii

I recommend Aquapick’s quality products!
A brand I can trust.

Vezi mesajul original
Aura Revenco

Absolutely essential for the family!
So glad I discovered you! 🤗

Vezi mesajul original
Iulia Sarbu

I have been using the oral irrigator for a year, and I am very satisfied. I have a healthy, always sanitized, and plaque-free teeth. I recommend it 👌

Vezi mesajul original
Igor Iacovet

I am very pleased since I started using the oral irrigator. I can say that it complements dental brushing perfectly, and what’s more, it replaces dental floss, which if not used correctly, can traumatize the gums.

Vezi mesajul original
Eliza Popa

This oral irrigator is simply perfect!!!! Easy to use, with good and visible results over time 😇
Our whole family uses it, including our 4-year-old daughter (she can’t wait for us to use it in the evening) 🙂

Vezi mesajul original
Daniela Iacovet

I have been using the oral irrigator for about a year now, daily, and I am very satisfied. It is a necessary accessory to maintain impeccable hygiene and a healthy denture!

Vezi mesajul original
Irina Ciobanu

❤️I confidently recommend it! I recently purchased the oral irrigator which is perfect for my family: it attaches securely, easy to use, even for children who are very excited about the new purchase! Thank you to your team for the advice and responsiveness!

Vezi mesajul original


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